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My name is Tanya.  I have been a crafter/artist/designer since I was a teenager and learned how to do counted cross stitch.  As a child I absolutely loved stickers.  I had sticker albums, tons of stickers (even the ones you could scratch n sniff) and I would visit Becky's Hallmark store as much as possible.  I also loved Barbie dolls and books.

I started out crafting with counted cross stitch which I spent many years doing and still currently do.  While I love to do it, it is very time consuming.  After that my sister, Amber, and a few other things, introduced me to beading/jewelry making.  At first I started with getting all my supplies at Walmart and basically I worked with inexpensive materials such as plastic beads.  Well as time went on that was not good enough and it became so much more to me.  I fell in love with glass beads such as borosilicate and polymer clay beads as well as the artists who made them.  My favorite things to make are bracelets.

I taught myself, by reading, googling, talking and researching everything I could, to learn about different types of beads, artists, metals, etc.  I began to sell to my friends and online as well as a few craft shows.  I even got to go to a bead show and it was fabulous.  I may have spent a tad too much but you only live once right?

As time went on I noticed a lot more people started to make jewelry and sell too.  Prices began to increase and I became a single mom who bought a house so I cut back on my spending and jewelry making.  This doesn't mean I still don't have a love for it, because I do, and I will always make jewelry in fact I still do on occasion.  I sell a few things here and there but the market is full.  I also love to give so I do make things and give them as gifts. 

After my jewelry making adventures I tried my hand at polymer clay.  Let's just say that wasn't for me lol.

So moving on I then began to get into Scrapbooking which I enjoyed but it wasn't my favorite thing to do so I started stamping/card-making with my family.  My cousin is a Stampin Up Administrator.  This was very fun and soon I was hooked.  I found a way to incorporate my love of stickers into Card-making and Stamping.  My absolute favorite cards to make are Christmas cards.

Now this brings us to the present.  As I mentioned above I also love to read, so about 3 and half years ago I started a book blog which can be found here http://bookhooking.blogspot.com/.  I enjoy everything that I do with my book blog so I decided to create a craft blog as well.

I do hope my blog will be fun and helpful to all who enjoy crafts in one way or another.  Please feel free to share my blog, message me if you have any questions or if you have any ideas you want to share.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog posts.


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